Next puppy litter available soon. New stud pomeranian "Canton Top Gun" arrived in December 2021.


Pomeranians typically live for 12 - 16 years.

Yes, at this stage our waitlist is approximately two months in advance. Register your interest with Kathy now.

The health of your new companion pomeranian is the utmost importance. All our puppies are vaccinated, wormed, desexed and vet-checked prior to you taking them home at around 8 weeks of age.

You will need to take your new puppy to the vet at around 12 weeks of age for their final vaccination.

Puppies can be picked up from eight weeks of age. By this age they are fully weaned, have started toilet training and are ready to go to their new forever home.

Kathy lives in Tamworth, NSW - approximately 5 hours drive north-west of Sydney. She will provide you with full address details after arrangements have been made to pickup your new puppy.

Although we prefer for you to collect your new puppy in person and 'meet the parents' , we understand that this isn't always possible.

Kathy is able to arrange shipping of your new puppy or dog to most parts of eastern Australia. Contact her for more details on your particular circumstances and location.

Kathy provides a special take home pack full of everything you might need for the first few weeks to help you and your new puppy adjust to your new lives together. The pack includes grooming products, food, bedding, a special blankie and full instructions and help notes on looking after your new flurry companion. She is always available to take a call or answer an email if you have any further questions.

The Dogs NSW website has a full list of healthy and harmful foods. We recommend taking a read of the article.